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I am happy to announce that we have launched, a service where you will be able to acquire an additional attractive email address to the one you currently have. - Let your email address speak for you

Many people have problems trying to get an email address that better describe who they are or what they do, and with MailMe, we are fixing this. If you are a Chef for example, you can get an email address, or if you are an actor, you could have  Like this, we have more than 100 different options, including professions, surnames and more.

The advantages of having a clean and original email address that works together with your current email account are multiple:

–  Instead of having an email address, you could have a fancy name that says something about you. You can use this address for whatever you need. Give it to friends, to customers, print it on personal business cards.

– You dont need to rely on an internet provider for your email address to work. For example if your current email address is you can switch providers and not need to worry about changing your email address, because it would be just independent from it.

– Your new email address will be easier to remember, because people will associate what you do with yourself.

– You wont have to struggle anymore to give your email address over the phone, its so easy to understand that you wont need to explain much.

– Because your new email address works together with your current account, you wont need to change your mailbox. You just use your new friendly email address together with your existing account.

You can now get your additional cool email with an introductory 50% discount on your first year with coupon code: ITCP50OFF on checkout.

Enter and get your personalized email address. If you are interested, you can also watch our introductory video below: