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Yout: The easiest way to download a YouTube audio or video, yet.

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We found out this cool website: that offers you the possibility to download a YouTube audio or video to your computer in very simple steps. To be honest, it cannot get any easier than this. Check the animated GIF below as they explain it on their own website.

Although you can paste the whole URL directly on the page, I think the easiest is to do it directly form the YouTube page, just trimp the domain… to and press enter (leave the rest of the original YouTube URL) and you will see the buttons to download in MP3 or MP4 format.

How you can use the MP3’s or MP4’s you download probably is ruled by the rights each media has so you might want to check on the YouTube description area of the file you download.


Read More – Let your email address speak for you

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I am happy to announce that we have launched, a service where you will be able to acquire an additional attractive email address to the one you currently have. - Let your email address speak for you

Many people have problems trying to get an email address that better describe who they are or what they do, and with MailMe, we are fixing this. If you are a Chef for example, you can get an email address, or if you are an actor, you could have  Like this, we have more than 100 different options, including professions, surnames and more.

The advantages of having a clean and original email address that works together with your current email account are multiple:

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How LinkedIn tricks you to invite people to their network

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I use LinkedIn since several years, it allows you to connect your professional profile to a lot of people in millions of companies around the world. Depending on what you do, being and get connected in LinkedIn with all the people you’ve worked with and know professionally can open you doors in the present and in the future.

One thing LinkedIn does is to suggest you “People you may know” to add them to your own network, and its this spec which I am not so happy with.

Some weeks ago I checked my profile and added some contacts that I know, I was surprised they were on LinkedIn so I add them as suggested by the site. My surprise was when I received an email from them saying they don’t use LinkedIn at all, then I realized, LinkedIn was sending invitations to these contacts so they register in LinkedIn!!!

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Will it blend? iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C

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Yes! Now is the time of the blending of the iPhone 5S and all the iPhone 5C`s at once!

As always, incredible!

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Cats everywhere!

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As you could noticed, cats are getting a lot of attention on the web, pictures, videos on YouTube and more are everywhere…yup, like a plague! 🙂

Though, they look very nice, and a lot of the videos are very funny. Today I found a website which is really funny, enter and type any website that you know it has images, for example your local newspaper. All images on the website will be replaced with animated GIF´s of cute kitties 🙂

CNN from point of view

CNN from point of view



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