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We just love technology – Let your email address speak for you

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I am happy to announce that we have launched, a service where you will be able to acquire an additional attractive email address to the one you currently have. - Let your email address speak for you

Many people have problems trying to get an email address that better describe who they are or what they do, and with MailMe, we are fixing this. If you are a Chef for example, you can get an email address, or if you are an actor, you could have  Like this, we have more than 100 different options, including professions, surnames and more.

The advantages of having a clean and original email address that works together with your current email account are multiple:

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Problems with Wifi at Heathrow airport

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heathrowSome days ago I started my holidays, and because I can’t really help myself not being improving processes during my trip, I decided to provide Arqiva the company behind the wifi service at Heathrow Terminal 5 with feedback about the strange behaviour of their service.

I connected 1 hour and a half for free to a network called “_Heathrow Wi-Fi”, after my free time was over I decided to purchase a 9 pounds plan for a 24 hours slot.

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My ideas to improve FON, the largest WiFi network in the world

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I love great ideas and FON is really one of them. Founded in the year 2005 by the Argentinean entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky in Madrid (Spain) has as a main objective to create the largest Wifi Network in the world, and gosh, they are doing it! They already have more than 11 million wifi hotspots worldwide.

How they do it?

You have to get a Wireless access point from FON (they called them Foneras) and by connecting it to your own router the Fonera will share a little bit of your Internet connection with the FON network. This way a person that could reach the Fonera range at your house could connect to the internet thanks to you. The concept is really easy, they create a separate network to ensure nobody would have access to your local network, and if you share your internet connection with a FON access point you will be able to use the whole worldwide FON network in exchange.

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Dropbox! Wake up! you are not alone anymore

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Dropbox_Old_LogoI think I am getting obsessed with testing online storage platforms, maybe its because I just don’t conceive that there is not one single player that is willing to provide all the things I am looking for. Some weeks ago I wrote a post about 18 features the ideal online storage service should have and Dropbox is far, far away from filling the check boxes I mention there.

Since a lot of years ago I know that one of the best ways to improve IT stuff is to listen to what the customers have to say, but this doesn’t seem to apply to Dropbox, or they might have a different agenda for their service…like being sold to a bigger player?
The blue box online storage service has an excellent way to gather information about what the users are suggesting and desiring for their products, its called Votebox. The way it works is very simple, people write ideas about what they want and other just vote them if they support them too (I think the guys at Uservoice copied this model and created a profitable business around it, but that’s another story). So Dropbox has a great platform to gather feedback, so whats the problem?

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Swisscom lifts SIM lock

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swisscom-logoThe biggest mobile provider in Switzerland, Swisscom announced today that the company lifted the SIM lock on all their devices since 1st of July 2013. This means that on this date, every customer from the company (with a subscription plan) will be able to unlock their phones bought through them. This will allow everybody to use any SIM card from any provider and use the phone with it.

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Sunrise Switzerland, an example of bad service

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obx2UckAnnVqqtXq-OvmByvcalbP4R-WIP54HXDfa5oI moved to Switzerland with my wife around a year ago. Some months later, I hired a Sunrise plan with an iPhone 4S together with a USD 45 subscription for my wife. Later on, I got another one for me. I also encouraged friends and family here to get a plan too, so we could all talk for free (on the same network). As result, my sister in law and my brother in law also got a mobile plan with Sunrise.

A month ago, I started working in a project for a company in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland near the border with Germany. Yesterday I received the bill from the past month and Sunrise decided to charge me roaming costs, even without leaving the country.

The problem is that Sunrise has a very bad coverage on different parts of Switzerland, one of those is Kaiseraugst, and my iPhone 4S if set to automatic network usage is changing all the time to a network in Germany because the signal strength in this Swiss city is not good. So this month only I received 50 (yes, 50, I counted them) messages by Sunrise saying me that my phone was in “Roaming mode”. I also tried setting the iPhone 4S to use only the Sunrise network but I also receive several messages saying “Your Selected Cellular network is not longer available. You can choose a different network in Settings”. You can imagine how annoying these messages can be.

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10 ways to make your customers recommend you

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customer serviceSome companies are having a very difficult time to offer a serious level of customer support, not only externally but also internally. Some of them are small companies with few resources and others are very big but with wrongly managed or focused.
I´ve been working on IT user and customer support for more than 15 years and I´ve seen and experience a lot of things that are just wrong, here I compiled a list of some of them. Feel free to add your own experiences on the comments below:

1) Answer the phone: If your company offers a phone, make sure somebody is available on the other side when a person calls. If your infrastructure is tiny, you can offer the caller to leave a message and make sure you return his call.

2) Don’t hide form your customers: One of the worst things you can do is avoid your customers and don’t allow them to find your contact information easily. It’s understandable that some companies offer a FAQ through procedure before being able to place an email for support, but make it very simple, don’t hide. You have a customer needing your help on the other side!

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18 features the ideal online storage service should have

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Cloud StorageFrom month to month I check several cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. I test them and check about any new functionality their developers might add. But still, there is not one service on the market that really rules.

Companies like the two mentioned on the previous paragraph might be more well known than others but still they are missing several features and flexibility.

The following is a list of must have´s for a cloud storage service to really lead the market:

1 – Not everything in one folder:
I have several hard drives con my computers and work on a certain way with them. I don’t want to change the way I work to be able to use a service. Dropbox works very well but having to put everything into one folder really makes me sick.

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Watch Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Zattoo and others from anywhere in the world

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I´ve moved to Switzerland some months ago and I don’t speak German yet which is the main language of the region I am living on. So I started to search for online solutions to be able to watch TV channels, movies and so in English and Spanish (the ones I speak). The problem is that Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and Zattoo, among other´s sometimes are not available in certain regions, or the content they provide for a particular country is very poor…

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