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I decided to backup all my pictures and videos (80 GB) to Google Drive. For USD 5 a month I get 100 GB of storage, which is half the price of Dropbox. Anyways I love Dropbox and use it for files.

The problem I encountered for what I wanted to accomplish is that there is no option in preferences to move the Google Drive folder to another physical drive. My C drive is an SSD and I dont have enough space for storage there, thats why I needed to change it to a one of the 2 TB drives I have…
I searched on the Web and after digging a bit, I found the following instructions written by Teresa – (Docs & Drive Community Manager for Google) and worked as a charm.

Note: The bad side of this procedure is that if you have a lot of things in Google Drive the whole folder will need to resync when you change location. You can try moving the files manually after designating the new location, didnt tried this but could work and save you a lot of time.

 According to the feedback on this Google discussion forum, you can see that if you move all the contents of the folder locally you will get duplication problems as Google “needs” to download the whole thing again. There is no news or feedback from Google on when they are going to solve this. On the meantime just move the folder but don’t copy any content locally, let it re-sync from the web.

Here are step by step instructions on moving your Google Drive folder.

  1. Right click Google Drive icon in your taskbar.
  2. Select Preferences > Disconnect account. 
  3. Click yes.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Right click Google Drive icon in your taskbar. Click Sign in.
  6. Enter your credentials and click Sign in.
  7. Click Next at Welcome to Google Drive!
  8. Click Advanced setup at Google Drive on the web.
  9. Click Change at Folder location.
  10. Select or create a new folder where you want Google Drive to sync/work from.
  11. Click start sync. 
Hope this works for everybody, what do you use to backup your picture collections? Leave your comment below.