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We all love free stuff, but when Apple decided to eject the well know AppGratis from the AppStore it was very difficult to search which application was free today in the Apple App Store.  The guys at Tekiki allows us to easily check which are the top FREE Apps available on the store on daily basis. Apple cant block it because the check is down using HTML5, not through an App.

The following is their “About” content, check them out!

Hundreds of apps go from paid to free everyday on the Apple App Store. We highlight the best ones. Check our site daily to see which new iPhone and iPad apps are 100% off. Unlike other sites, we only show apps rated 4 stars and up. We designed the site for fast browsing, letting users quickly check their favorite categories, from games to entertainment, for newly free apps. The number of newly free apps in each category are conveniently displayed on a single page. Game lovers, in particular, prefer our interface because instead of lumping all games into one category, we break out the number of free games in each sub-category. Users no longer need to wade through 200 free games if all they care about are word games.